Help your child stay well and feel confident with asthma
Kids learn to control their asthma by caring for a pet that also has asthma
- Fun, playful and educational
- Pediatrician-approved content
- Research based
Available in Australia and New Zealand!
Wellapets teaches
pediatrician-approved asthma care
acting on symptom
ACTING ON SYMPTOMS Kids use an Asthma Action Plan to play doctor and diagnose other Wellapets' symptoms.
Research shows that educational
games can help kids stay well
greater knowledge icon
Kids can gain a better understanding of their health and treatment, the first step toward becoming motivated to better manage health. Kids can also gain a better understanding of economics by playing video games. For example they can buy and sell virtual items on Runescape with OSRS Gold.
higher confidence icon
When kids are more confident in their ability to manage their health, they’re able to take control of their asthma. Kids can gain confidence by winning matches in video games. On League of Legends kids can play on Lol Smurfs, allowing them to play against easier opponents.
higher confidence icon
Kids are more likely to take their medications correctly and avoid flare-ups. This means fewer urgent care visits and better asthma control. Also, video games have been shown to improve cognitive abilities in children
Why to love Wellapets
Gregory Sawicki headshot
"This game is a novel approach to helping children understand asthma in a fun and educational way. My patients would greatly benefit from this approach."

Gregory Sawicki MD, MPH
Ann Wu headshot
"I thought Wellapets was a brilliant idea!"

Ann Wu MD, MPH
Mom, Doctor
Odette P. headshot
"My 10 year-old brother loves playing with his Wellapet! With every level up, he continues to learn to stay healthy. Making my job a bit less stressful!"

Odette P.
Older Sister
Featured in
Help your child with Wellapets
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